Why Concerned of the Marina, is concerned.

#ConcernedOfTheMarina has actually been a phantom blog for more than a year.

Previous unwritten posts include, medical services in Dubai, Caitlyn Jenner, the state of Tinder… and thus, state of men in Dubai, tan lines, Ibn Battuta: the greatest mall in the UAE, the implication of white Thai parties, Brad Pitt… between the sheets, how KSA managed to become an ambassador of human rights, why a medical emergency is not the time to get difficult about the physical presence of a medical card, the funny side of pain, the state of publishing in the Middle East, dealing with people concerned with your concern, why the “to me you are perfect” scene in Love Actually is actually the most awful scene in film history, adhering to luggage allowance, Bulldogs, why Circuit Factory should be renamed Burpee Factory, Shami: The greatest fast-food joint in Dubai, why no party is complete without Farahdice and Sophie Specials, why I love and hate Caramel Centre, break-ups, love stories and rats, and an open later to Penguin books.

Some of the above may make it into print. Most are likely to stay in the annals of Whatsapp history.

Expect promised but not delivered guest posts from Club 5604 residents.

And because… why not?

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