Burger & Lobster Dubai finally has its drinks license

Like most of you I witnessed the many, many weeks of social media activity building up to the launch of Burger & Lobster – which I understand went pretty well, aside from one small, but OK kinda important, detail.

There was no alcohol licence. Dum, dum duummmmmmm.

I know. Cue a few weeks of speculation and rumours ranging from “it’s never going to get one” to “I hear they’ll just open another one which is licensed”. So imagine my surprise (and delight) when I walked in to find a man drinking a beer.

Drinks aside, well, to the side of my plate, thank you very much sir, you have found Burger & Lobster’s new number one fan. I love everything about it.

The decor is relaxed, welcoming and almost loungey, gastro-pubby, dinery without the tackiness that could so easily have come with it. The chairs are comfy in a way that makes you want to settle in for the night and people watch while super helpful the waiters and waitresses rush around with trays of hot lobster and fries.

I had a lobster (I don’t eat burgers, sadly) from the three item menu – absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked served with a not-ideal-for-a-date-night garlic sauce. If you want to move up from the standard 1.5lb lobster you can select a ‘big boy’ from the tank starting at a featherweight 2kg, and for a bargain 1,196AED you can bag yourself a 5.2kg monster. Yes that’s £230 in UK money for what looked like the world’s biggest angriest lobster I’ve ever seen. Ouch.

Angry lobsters aside, I couldn’t have enjoyed the food and drinks more, but it was the lobster roll was hands down the best dish of the night. It felt like it had come straight out of a New York deli – the perfect mix of lobster and light Japanese mayonnaise, in a not-too-sweet brioche roll. And there’s a very good reason why it tasted like it had come straight from North America – it had done just that, all the lobsters arrive directly from the deep blue waters of Nova Scotia.

Burger & Lobster Food

In fact, the lobsterman of Nova Scotia are having a rather good time at the moment, catching over 70,000 tonnes of the creatures each year – turns out the plight of the poor cod fish is giving the young lobster a bit more of a head start in life. The sudden appetite for affordable lobster outside of the US has even impacted the local Nova Scotia boat yards, with any lobsterman or woman wanting to upgrade their boat, now needing to wait until 2020.

As is typical with us humans – we’re in such a rush to cash in on these living lottery tickets that this year far, far too many have been caught far too early, before they’ve fully malted. What this essentially means is that their little shells haven’t yet hardened and are too soft and delicate, which has resulted in higher lobster fatalities than ever before. Many of the caught lobsters never even make it to their final destination, let alone a plate.

A mandatory “lobster handling course” has been introduced to ensure better care of the fragile lobsters and hopefully Nova Scotia’s expert fisherman will find the right balance to ensure that this hardy yet delicate little crustacean doesn’t end up in trouble.

As I’ve attested to before, I’m most certainly not a food reviewer or expert – if you want to check a couple of proper reviews then these are just for you:  Shortlist Dubai and Dubai Confidential.

In the meantime, for as long as the Novo Scotia fisherman continue to do the needful in terms of running a sustainable lobster operation, I couldn’t recommend the lobster from Burger & Lobster more. But I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the Nova Scotia fishing edition of CBC.com every once in a while.

A burger, lobster or lobster roll will set you back 127AED with drinks (soft and hard) or milkshakes on top.

Burger & Lobster Dubai can be found in DIFC, Dubai with a bunch of other locations, including the marina planned for the near future.

Five out of Five Sahtain! Points





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