The best “turn me on” Instagram messages


If you logged into Instagram at any point today, you’ll have realised one thing. People are somewhat freaking out over the upcoming algorithm change which is set to send it the way of Facebook.

(pssst. It’s not going to be chronological anymore. [insert home alone scared face])

OK, so to be fair to everyone there is some rationale behind the panic. If you don’t turn on your favourite brands, friends, aunts and uncles, there’s a chance you’ll never see their posts again as they become buried deep within Instagram, below all the things the Instagram thinks you what to see. Thinks.

This is pretty scary stuff for people who have amassed followers of thousands and millions, and most importantly, make a substantial living from the platform.

Not the type to hang about, people have been pretty darn clever in their bid to get you to turn them on (guffaw). Here are some of the best “turn me on” images.

FYI #TurnMeOn <—nearly 50,000 tags already, and counting. Would imagine some of the images posted over 24 hours are not so relevant to this story…………

Also, big props to everyone who didn’t go for the white page, text and swirly line to the top right corner. High fives all round.

Pretty drawing, The Jotter


When you’re faced with a Chihuahua smaller than a remote giving you a big speech, you know you need to pay attention.

So I just got the news that #Instagram big wigs are rolling out an idea that seems really stupid and posts won't come up in real time anymore… So if you want to see me taking life seriously as usual TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON for this page! You don't have to, but I've gone round and turned notifications on for my favourite pages and will continue to look at pages of my own accord anyway! • Keep interacting with me! And if you want to turn on notifications, you can do so by pressing the ••• in the top right corner of my page and 'Turn on notifications'. Apparently this is the way it's done, and you don't need a remote for it. I'm not buying it. I'm going to keep trying with this remote. #turnmeon #chihuahua #instadog #dog #puppy #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahuas #f #cute #notifications #turnonpostnotifications #dogs #sendadogphoto #ukdogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinstaworld #pawsomechihuahuas #puppies

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Good job, Time Out Dubai


I have no words. But I like it!


Ooop. Specific, I like it.


A four eyed cat that is impossible to ignore.


A post shared by Darker side of the world 🌼 (@vision.injection) on




He’s wearing a bow tie, for crying out loud. How could anyone ignore him!


Don’t miss out, we hear you, Michelle.


You mean it’s possible to use different words?!


Be just plane rude to say no


I like it!


And finally, help these guys swim to the top of the feed


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