How Dubai celebrated New Year’s Eve 2015

A truckload of fireworks and a devastating fire at the Address Hotel, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai’s residents once again showed solidarity in the face of the tragedy.

Getting the fireworks ready was not for the faint hearted!



And the evening started on such a high


And believe us, there were a lot of fireworks…

Like seriously, all the fireworks


Which we make sure go off in every direction, from every building, in every part of Dubai…

This might be the greatest firework photo of all time… I challenge you to find a better one

But no doubt a stressful experience for anyone witnessing the fire and the fireworks…

This tweet put it all into perspective…

The work of Dubai’s muncipality, who spent 14 hours battling the Address Hotel blaze, ensured the safety of Dubai’s residents and guests

And then the people of Dubai once again rushed to lend a helping hand to those in need


And Dubai isn’t going to waste time in getting things back on track at the Address Hotel



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