Hurrah! The “new” Bu Qtair’s food hasn’t changed a bit

Having stumbled, quite literally, on the news that Bu Qtair had moved out of its little beach shack, while on a stormy Boxing Day walk along the beach, I was more than a little keen to rally the troops (anyone who was in the country, with very little else to do during Christmas week) and put the waiter’s assertion that “nothing has changed” to the test.

Here’s what happened…

Oh no. It’s empty. It’s 6.45pm and no one is here. Poor Bu Qtair, this is a disaster!

Inside Bu Qtair

Hmmmm. It’s lacking a little charm with all this while wall. Although, the method of ordering your seafood fare hasn’t changed – queue, hole in the wall, catch of the day marinated in tin trays, soft drinks served to one side…


We’ve ordered a large Sheri and a bucket load of prawns. We amble around not sure where to go but we’re quickly instructed to wait indoors, while the food is served on tables outdoors.

Inside new Bu Qtair

So much for worrying about the lack of custom…


In traditional Bu Qtair style, our name has been yelled out several times in different directions and we leap to our feet. Heading outside we find the area packed with diners and more people waiting in the fresh air for their fishy fodder.


The food has arrived! It’s identical, it tastes amazing (and the same), we’ve ordered too much (as usual), the pictures we take still make the food look less than appetising, the curry sauce is superb (and the same) and the bread is still delightfully chewy. Bu Qtair hasn’t changed a bit. Queue the fireworks!

inside new bu qtair

inside new bu qtair

inside new bu qtair

As we leave we wonder why we were ever even worried in the first place. Look at that queue!

Inside new bu qtair

So all in all nothing has changed, much. It doesn’t quite have that lovely rustic charm the old place had, you’re not eating on plastic tables on the sand, under the street light, surrounded by enormous fat cats lounging around begging for more. It doesn’t have that “diamond in the rough” or “hidden gem” feel, but the food is still fabulous, the service still just as feverish and the experience overall is very much same, same, but different.

So suck it up and go along, and try not to grumble too much that it’s not the charming little shack on the sand anymore.

As always, we give this place Five out of Five Sahtain! Points from #ConcernedOfTheMarina.

If you want to read reviews of the actual food, then check out these blogs – who will describe it much better than I ever could.

A lovely article ‘Let the food do the talking’ from MeFoodie.Net in December 2015 

Ishita Unblogged reviews ‘capturing a hidden gem in Jumeriah’ – also featured in Emirates 24/7

Pear Tree Diaries helps you navigate your way around Bu Qtair in March 2013

MitzieMee believing the hype in May 2014 – ‘Fried fish worth waiting for’




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  1. I am glad to see the white plastic chairs!!!

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