Most shared memes in 2015

It’s a Year in Review time, and Tumblr have announced the most shared memes across their platform. Some are rather surprising… is #TBT an actual meme? Apparently so. Others you can never unsee, thanks whoever made those NSFW Pepe the Frog memes……..

Here’s the top 10 for your perusal. Do you agree with the list? More importantly, do you have a better explanation for the “Ask Meme” meme?

10. #TBT

What does it mean? Throw Back Thursday aka the art of using Thursdays to brag about something you did in the past.

9. #PSAT

What does it mean? Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. It’s the mock test high school kids in the US take ahead of their SATs. The grade you get in your SATs is a key element of your university submission. Also, there is a legally binding contract to ensure students don’t talk about the test outside of the exam room. So, of course everyone immediately turned the exam questions into memes.

8. Tumblr ExecutiveSuite 2016

What does it mean? A hilarious April Fool’s from Tumblr this year, promoting their new “executive solution for businesses”, replicating many now defunct Office features from the 90s such as ‘Quote of the Day’, widgets and ‘spreadsheets’. This joke prompted a truck load of RIP Coppy memes.

7.  Ask Meme

What does it mean? Good question. It took LOT of research to find this one out, and it turns out #AskMeme is the Tumblr community’s way of starting a conversation by asking a question, or creating a list of questions. Posts usual reference a ‘Muse’. If you get stuck with what questions to ask, there are a tonne of blogs, like this one, to help.

6. Life Hack

What does it mean? Simply, making a job a lot easier. Or finding a solution or quick answer to a common problem.

5. The Dress

What does it mean? If you missed this phenomenon this year, then I can not help you.

4. Breadsticks

What does it mean? My favourite from this year – A series of made up scenarios where a person would walk out of a date, while stuffing free breadsticks into their pockets/handbag, after the date has said something awkward or undesirable. Yes, ladies and gentleman, the dating world is that cruel.

3. Inappropriate Audition Songs

What does it mean? Pretty self explanatory, but if it’s not, it’s a mix of an inappropriate song suggestions for a theoretical audition.

2. The Signs As

What does it mean? For anyone who ever fancied themselves as an astrologer, psychic, or let’s face it, a bit of a comedian. These are spoof horoscopes written by the people of Tumblr.

1. Pepe the Frog

What does it mean? Often NSFW, Pepe The Frog was created for the comic, Boys Club, by Matt Furie back in 2005. Pepe didn’t really get popular until 2015, when the Tumblr community got hold of him. Some of these images you can’t unsee.


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