Dubai brands are split in the wake of Trump’s remarks

As a resident of Dubai, you’ll find yourself familiar with the large hoardings across the emirate showcasing the long-established partnership between Damac and Trump International. You’ll also find Trump products inside Landmark Group stores (owners of Splash, Home Centre, Centrepoint and others), who sell Trump Home products across their 195 stores in the Middle East.

But as Trump’s political messages have started to become more right-wing, and more specifically, anti-muslim, some have started calling for an end to Trump’s business operations in the Middle East.

What people are saying

How brands are responding

Following pressure from customers, Landmark Group decided to remove all Trump Home products from its stores, saying they “value and respect the sentiments of all its customers”.

Damac is also keen to position itself away from Donald Trump and his political views. In a statement released today, Damac stressed that their business relationship is with Trump International, and  “would not comment further on Mr Trump’s personal or political agenda, nor comment on the internal American political debate scene”.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be making friends with brands on either side of the Atlantic. Earlier this year, Trump was famously fired by NBC after referring to Mexicans as “rapists and drug runners”. 

Trump is losing out on business deals in every direction right now following his public remarks. Clearly, he’s not a very fast learner.


10th December 2015

UPDATE: Damac have since pulled advertising and branding of the Damac Trump golf course, across UAE. According to The National Damac were unable to comment on the reason behind it.


13th December 2015

UPDATE #2: Aaaaaannnnnddd the Damac Trump branding is back.






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