How to manage multiple Twitter accounts with one email address

Impossible? Nope. It’s absolutely the most simple thing in the world, and doesn’t involve you setting up several email addresses for the privilege.

There are a couple of options…


Option One – The full stop / period / dot. This —> .

Gmail doesn’t recognise full stops so if your email is It will simply ignore the full stops.

Therefore, it doesn’t really matter where you put them. For instance will work just as well. Giving you more than enough email options to use when managing multiple accounts.


Option Two – gmail and googlemail.

When you set up your google mail address it actually created two addresses for you @gmail and @googlemail.

Simple as that if you just want two accounts to manage.


Option Three – the plus (+) sign

Gmail also allows you to create email alias’ by adding a “+[insertword]” after your email. Google will simply ignore anything from the plus sign onwards and deliver as usual







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