The not-so-Dubai weather


It’s no secret that the British love to talk about the weather. When I first started working in Dubai, I would joyfully walk into work and announce “isn’t the weather lovely today”, only to be met with bemused faces. Turns out lovely weather in Dubai is not news.

But when it rains! Well, that’s an entirely different matter. We talk about the rain when we hear there might be rain, when other parts of the region are getting rain, when a friend of a friend’s sister who lives in Business Bay has instagramed proof of rain via a Valencia filtered raindrop, and generally at any point during a potential visit from a raincloud.

What we in Dubai know to be true, is that Dubai has two seasons. Hot, and so hot that it’s quite possibly a practical joke.

This week it rained. It rained in Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other neighbouring emirates. The office was thrilled, Twitter was buzzing and people openly wished the grey day would continue for ever more. All the while the Brits quietly (ish) grumbled.

What I particularly like about people in the Middle East, is their sense of humour. Arabia was not built for rain. Sand, yes, throw any sandstorm at us and we are braced and ready. A light shower? All hell breaks loose.

If you’ve just moved to Dubai and it’s about to rain, or already raining, here’s what to expect.

Memes, all the weather memes. We in the Middle East LOVE a meme.










We love reacting a bit differently.


We document people, documenting the rain.


We share news of other people’s misfortune during the rain.

Someone is not happy this morning #Rain #dubaiproblems

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We get confused…


The conspiracy theorists get busy.


But ultimately, we really think rainy days are just beautiful.


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