When bad things happen to stupid people.

To be honest I didn’t want to bore anyone with this process… but I’m an hour and a half further into operation Set Up A Blog, and I’m now googling “Wordpress.org vs wordpress.com”. I’m frustrated.

This is where I’m at – I’m lazy, I want my own url, I want it to look nice. I’m not asking for much, but the internet, filled with almost too much information, is borderline defeating me. I honestly think anyone who has ever made it as far as posting onto an actual blog should be rewarded, purely for their ability to power through.

A few undisclosed hours later. So I’m now on wordpress.com, I’ve chosen a url via Go Daddy for $10.34, and I’ve handed over the best part of $100 to WordPress. At some point along this seemingly rather simple transaction I’ve messed up. Of course I have. So for the time being I’ll just be http://www.concernedofthemarinadotcom.wordpress.com, while I work out how I’ve managed to make Go Daddy and WordPress fall out with each other.

At this point I should admit that this feeling of stupidity is heightened by the fact that I “work in digital”. But let’s not dwell.


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